Due to the mobility restrictions generated by the COVID-19, in Menorca en Llaut we have made our reservation and cancellation conditions more flexible, and we have adopted high hygiene and prevention measures  to guarantee the perfect disinfection of our boats and reinforce the safety of our clients and workers.

Compliance with these hygiene and safety measures is also in your hands, and we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Thank you very much for your cooperation!

Nautical tourism,
one of the safest activities of this summer

Only with your family or friends

We offer private and exclusive tours. Our boats are only rented to small groups of friends or family. You will never share the same space with people outside your inner circle.

Safe and hygienic boats

We apply high security and hygienic measures to guarantee the perfect disinfection of our boats. We use disinfectant products that are safe for people and that do not leave residues at the end of their process.

No contact with the outside

We offer all the necessary services on board with the aim of minimizing the risk of external infections. You can also rent our boats to spend the night on board. Check our conditions!

Inaccessible destinations from land

We propose exclusive itineraries where we will visit beaches and coves inaccessible from land, or with very difficult access. This year, more than ever, our bathing and anchoring places will be characterized by tranquility, isolation and security.

Activities with social distancing

We encourage the practice of nautical sports activities such as swimming, diving or paddle-surfing. These activities are practiced outdoors, individually applying the rules of social distancing.

More flexible reservations

We make our booking and cancellation conditions more flexible, so you can plan your trip without uncertainty. We offer rescheduling of reservations for other dates within the 2020 season. Contact us for more information!

ADOPTED BY Menorca en Llaut

All the security, hygiene and prevention measures adopted by Menorca en Llaut follow the Protocol of Protection and Prevention against COVID-19, designed by the National Association of Nautical Companies (ANEN) and other associations in the nautical-tourist sector.

This document is part of the health protocols commissioned by the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism to the Institute for Spanish Tourist Quality (ICTE), and  will be adapted according to the instructions and recommendations issued by the health authorities.

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menorca en llaut spot 2

Boat cleaning and equipment disinfection measures

Prevention measures and customer contact

Hygiene and safety on board:
Recommendations for navigation

The phases of the de-escalation process in Menorca

At Menorca en Llaut we adapt our services to the different phases of the de-escalation process, always following the regulations of the Transition Plan to the New Normality (PTNN) and respecting all the instructions of the health authorities.

Each phase has different limitations, determined by the competent authorities.
These restrictions will be less and less as we go through the different phases.

Phase I

From May 11th

Menorca customers

Navigation limited
to 12 nautical miles

Occupation of 50%
of the boat’s capacity

Phase II

Scheduled from May 25th

Balearic Islands customers

Unlimited navigation
throughout the coastline of Menorca

Larger groups.
To be detailed by the health authorities

Phase III

Scheduled from June 8th

Customers from all over Spain

Unlimited navigation
throughout the coastline of Menorca

No limitations on the occupation
of the boat

Do you want to rent one of our boats or enjoy one of our routes and boat trips   along the coast of Menorca? Make your reservation or contact us to answer all your questions!
Nautical tourism, now more than ever, is your best option against the COVID-19 for this summer.